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Is a Mega Awning the Right Choice?

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Mega awnings are a very popular choice for schools and business premises. These structures are large and made from galvanized steel framing combined with laserlite roofing, to not only ensure they are durable, but also to offer cover in any weather.

Throughout the country schools are using mega awnings to cover playgrounds, netball courts and even swimming pools. Businesses have used these structures to cover delivery areas, ensuring their staff are protected from the harmful rays of the sun and enlarging their working area for any weather.

Sun Protection

The sun’s harmful rays are the number one reason for skin cancer in New Zealand. Children exposed to the sun from a young age that are fair skinned and burn easily are more likely to struggle with this disease when they get older.

This is why schools need to take a stand as early as possible to protect these children from the sun when playing outdoors. Of course you can’t keep a fair skinned child indoors on a warm summer’s day, that’s not fair. But they can make the most of the outdoor area without being exposed to the harmful rays, with mega awnings.

Outdoors Any Weather

Another advantage to the mega awnings is that schools can utilize their outdoor spaces in any weather. Auckland is known for its unpredictable weather patterns and children will be playing outdoors and suddenly it can start to rain. These children will be protected under these structures, enabling them to continue enjoying the outdoor spaces provided.


Large manufacturers, industrial buildings and companies are using mega awnings at their delivery points. This enables drivers to drive under the awning and their staff can then unpack the vehicles without being exposed to the sun or rain. This is advantageous for these companies as they actually get extra space, which they wouldn’t have. It is undercover and protected, even though it is outdoors.

Nova Shades

Nova Shades is a family owned business located in the Auckland area. This company has been offering shade sails and structures throughout Auckland and the Northland Regions for many years.

Specialising in schools, learning centres and the hospitality industry, Nova Shades is a name you can trust whether you’re looking for shade sails for your home or you want a structure for your business.

Nova Shades has a team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians who will arrive on site and have the structure in place in the shortest space of time, without disrupting your daily routine as much as possible.

Further this company offers an exceptional service from their initial onsite consultation, where they will make recommendations, listen to what you want and take your order.

Within a few weeks they will arrive on site to complete a professional installation and their after sales service is second to none. Nova Shades also offer repair and replacement services for customers that have shades already in place.

Nova Shades is a number one choice for shades in the Auckland area and are a company name that you can trust.

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